Sofia POLCANOVA in another final

In the final of the Women’s Doubles Event at the LIEBHERR 2018 ITTF European Championships in Alicante, tomorrow, Sofia POLCANOVA of Austria and Yana NOSKOVA of Russia will meet Nina MITTELHAM and Kristin LANG of Germany.

In the penultimate round Nina and Kristin overcame Sarah DE NUTTE and NI Xia Lian of Luxembourg (11:8, 8:11, 5:11, 6:11, 11:6, 10:12).

“It has only been our second tournament together. We played at the World Championships before the birth of my daughter and then we had one-year break, “explained LANG.” It was very difficult to play today. NI is very experienced and Nina never had played against her in singles.”

They expect that the final will be close game.

“POLCANOVA is the top seed here in singles and they just eliminated very good pairings. We know it is going to be difficult.”

POLCANOVA and NOSKOVA beat Matilda EKHOLM of Sweden and Georgina POTA of Hungary (11:9, 11:1, 6;11, 11:6, 6:11, 2:11, 8:11).

“We were three games to one in reverse, before we recovered. It was the same as yesterday, when we were 0:3 down. In fourth game today we had to change something. We played more aggressive and regained then control,” explained POLCANOVA.

They play together for few months.

“We had never played at the Championships, just at the tournaments. Unfortunately, mostly against Asian’s players so we never get enough far to see how good we are,” said NOSKOVA.

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